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Nebraska Apparel Company exists to provide state pride apparel and accessories to those that love Nebraska for more than just its sports!  Don’t get us wrong, sports can give us a wonderful sense of pride (we love our Huskers), but there are so many other things that make up our great state as well. Many of us don’t even think about all the wonders Nebraska has to offer; this brand is designed to highlight all those AND display them on sweet merch for you to wear! All of our art is created by Nebraskans in Nebraska!  Commission from each sale goes directly back to the designer of the shirt you purchased and it will be printed by a NE born & raised custom shirt shop, 24 Hour Tees.  Thank you for rewarding Nebraska locals for their talents! Yay, you!

Meet Our Top Producing Designers

These designers have the most Individual designs submitted & published on this website!

Chais Meyer

Chais is a creator, innovator & entrepreneur at heart. Being a Nebraska born & raised native, Nebraska pride runs in his veins!

Molly Couto

Molly is a local artist that graduated from UNK with Graphic Design degree. She’s got skills in the design world and she LOVES Nebraska!

Taylor Norris

Taylor is a freelance designer that was born in Kearney, Nebraska, and is currently living in Denver, CO. She loves all things design!

Brian Lane

Brian’s talent for hand-drawn design is fabulous!
Like most of the NAC designers, he was born in NE.
His edgy style makes his designs super fun.

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